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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Virgin Manifesto


Every movement or cause must have foundational tenets in which their based. The following represent the credo of the Virgin Manifesto; that which give is substance, stability, and applicability. (This list is neither exhaustive nor unchangeable. I suppose I’ve modified it over the years, and will continue to do so.)

-Virginity, in its mature form, is always associated with motives. The Virgin Manifesto asserts the pure form of sexual virginity is based in a volitional undercurrent (simply put, a personal and willful heart decision); it cannot be enforced or legislated. Unlike default virginity and discontent virginity, volitional virginity represents the willful action (or in this case lack there-of) of an individual in the pursuit of an intangible virtue much larger then themselves. Volitional virgins choose their disposition to remain so; yet often at the expense of much.

-Contrary to popular belief, religious dogma need not play a part in one’s impetus to pursue meaningful virginity. Despite its obvious influence on the matter (much of which will be discussed), there is more than enough secular reasoning, data, and anecdotal evidence to persuade one confidently to pursue a volitional, virginal lifestyle.

-It is paramount that one understand the lifestyle of a volitional virgin is accompanied invariably by much sacrifice, persecution, loneliness, frustration, and envy (features "abstinence education" fails to identify, much to its doom). These realities cannot and will not be glossed over or neglected altogether by the Virgin Manifesto. The life of a volitional virgin is not one to take lightly nor expect it to reap instant positive, and definitely not pleasurable, consequence. This is not a cry for sexual martyrdom or self righteousness; it is merely the stark realization of standing for purity in a world in which it is dangerous to do so.

-The Virgin Manifesto reverberates universal truths regarding human relationships and individual sexuality. One’s personal “past” is irrelevant to these truths as they apply to all people at all times. The underlying principles of the Virgin Manifesto are meant to be accessible and applicable to anyone; virgin or not, single or not. It is individual stories and lives that will vary, as the decisions and circumstances of one’s past do affect the physical and emotional realities of their present and future.

-The Virgin Manifesto does not contain any esoteric or secret knowledge. It is general revelation that is open and free to anyone that desires. Though many religious-influenced ideals integrate (being of a more divinely revealed nature), the foundational crux is revealed by nature in the same vein as the velocity of gravity or the composition of an atom. These are basic human truths freely discovered and pondered.

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