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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sci-Fi Sex and Politics, a short story

So I wrote this short story below related to this topic way back when on my main website Some of you may have read it, some not. I was only 24 when I wrote it so I may have been less...jaded and optimistic, but I like the underlying idea still. Enjoy.
   Jim and Avera approached the door with two beaming smiles on their faces
followed by a passionate kiss.  Why not, they just got home from
their magical honeymoon and life was grand for the newlyweds.  The
kissing session ended when an old woman with a child walked by.  The
couple hadn’t noticed them, but the old woman gave them a snotty facial
expression, apparently disgusted with their public display of love. 
She scurried off covering the eyes of the young one.  Jim didn’t
really care and surprised Avera when he wisped her back to his lips. 
She couldn’t help but laugh at their audacious display. 

   “Come on Jimmy, we’re gonna be late for our
   “Just a few more,” he said as he inserted
extra kisses.  She couldn’t help but giggle.
then opened the door to the doctor’s office.  The sign on the front
   “Family Health Physicians Dr. Philip McCormick, Ph

    The office was like any other family doctors
office.  Jim was instantly drawn into the plasma TV screen in the
“kids” corner showing episodes of old Looney Tunes cartoons.  He felt
right at home sitting in the tiny chairs next to a four year old. 
Avera knew she had married a 14 year old stuck in a 25-year-old
body.  But that’s why she loved him so much; he was so real to
her.  And it was a quality she never knew in guys before him. 
The receptionist was busy typing when Avera approached the
   “Hi, my name is Avera Williams.  We have an
appointment with Dr. McCormick at 3.”
   “Hello Mrs.
Williams, you’re right on time.  I’ll just need you to fill out this
form and I’m sure the doctor will take you soon.”
receptionist found the paperwork and handed it to Avera on a clipboard
with an accompanying smile.  Avera found an open chair and began
working at the information requested, turning every once in a while to
check on her husband glued to the television.  She laughed to

    A few minutes later, shouting could be
heard down the hall towards Dr. McCormick’s office.  It was all one
sided.  The receptionist was surprised and got up to check it
out.  Jim and Avera heard also and we’re drawn to the unseen
argument.  The shouting was undecipherable from inside the
office.  A few moments later, the door could be heard opening. 
A couple, looking in their late-20s, emerged from the hallway leading down
to the office.  The man, assumingly the father, picked up the young
child watching the TV,
   “Come on son, were
   Dr. McCormick appeared also as the couple was
getting ready to leave.
   “I’m sorry Mr. Carry, there’s
nothing I can do.”
   Mr. Carry turned and gave Dr. McCormick
an acrimonious look.  Mrs. Carry seemed apathetic as she held her
   “I’m going to have the MHR board on your butt Dr.
McCormick!  I refuse to be treated like this!”
Carry, the MHR board is one of the backers of this program.  You
won’t find much help there.”
   “Screw you, I’m getting a
   “Well then, I guess I’ll see you in court. 
Have a good day.”
   Dr. McCormick gives a farewell to Mrs.
Carry who obviously wants to leave.  As the couple exits the office
Mr. Carry makes sure to slam the door good and hard.  The office
becomes so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Dr. McCormick, unfazed
by the heated encounter checks with his receptionist.  After
conferring with her for a few moments he turns to Jim and Avera with a
pleasant smile on his face.
   “Mr. and Mrs. Williams? 
Right this way.” 
   He leads them to his

    Dr. McCormick’s office is not very
large, but it’s not cubby hole either.  One wall of the room is
strewn with awards, degrees, and other various trophies.  His seventh
floor office has a wonderful view of the man-made lake behind the
building.  Golf clubs lie against his desk.
sit down.  I’m sorry you had to see that.”
everything ok?”  Avera wasn’t one to avoid addressing
   “Oh sure.  It’s not the first time that’s
happened.  We get clients in here all the time in their
situation.  Unfortunately though, sometimes the news is more than
they can handle.  But in most cases, after the initial emotional
outburst resides, they realize it’s just not worth it to pursue legal
action.  The paper work is bad enough already.”
looked inquisitive.
   “Dr. McCormick, I know you’re not
allowed to divulge personal information, but I assume that couple that
just left.  Well I assume they didn’t pass the
   “Well unfortunately for them no, as I’m sure you
could tell.  It’s frustrating for us in the medical profession to
deal with clients such as that.  Basically they’re using your tax
dollars to run tests for something they know they’re going to fail. 
Some people still believe they can fool the VMC
   “Like the tests we had to do last
   “Exactly Mrs. Williams.  But giving a blood
and urine sample isn’t the whole kit and caboodle for the Virgin Memory
Cell procedural tests.  After you give us those samples, they go
under meticulous testing after that.  In the past, when the program
was initially implemented, we utilized lie detector tests to exonerate any
VMC flaws.  But now, the procedures have been refined so well, we
don’t need the lie detectors anymore.  The VMC tests have an accuracy
of up to 99.89%.  That’s why bringing this into a court of law is
frivolous for a defendant.  But I guess some people refuse to accept
the truth of their pasts.”
   Dr. McCormick turned to his
computer and pressed a few buttons.  The holographic display lit up
above his desk and he began accessing information.
“I’m bringing up your test information now.  It will take a minute or
two.  I forgot to update the database earlier.  You know, these
fiber optic internet connections are just too slow.  I’ve been
meaning to upgrade the office to crystal fusion lines.  You know I’m
getting old when I’m still using fiber optics.”
you two have any questions about anything?”
McCormick, can you explain this whole program to me again?  I know
Avera knows all about it, but I must admit, I didn’t read up much.  I
just can’t fathom how it works, and to such an accurate degree.  This
has to be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the 21st
   Dr. McCormick lets out a small
   “It could be my boy.  Well certainly from the
United States government’s prospective.  Actually, the VMC’s were
discovered by a Ukrainian physicist named Robert Mensk.  It was an
accidental discover of course, because physicists are usually known to
work with biological subjects.   But this was during all the
space-time experiments the Russian’s were doing with the neo-cosmonauts
back about 15 years ago.  Anyways, because of their unorthodox
testing procedures of biological subjects, they found certain 
unidentified markings within cells that showed up in their unique atomic
and cellular tests of the men after their low-orbit flights.  At the
time they didn’t really know what those peculiar cellular marks
indicated.  It wasn’t until Mensk identified them as what we call
“cache memory cells”.”
    “Like a computer’s memory
    “Yes Mrs. Williams, very much like a
computer.  You see, the body operates like a computer in many
ways.  Our brain is basically works as a central processing unit as
well as hard drive.  And since the dawn of time, we’ve realized our
minds remember things and store them somewhere.  Well it wasn’t until
Mensk and his team identified these cells of memory that we knew exactly
how and where our memories were stored.”
    Jim wasn’t
satisfied yet.
    “Well that’s interesting and all, but
how does all that have to do with sex?”
    “I’m getting
to that Mr. Williams.  Well after these cache memory cells were
discovered, it sent shockwaves through the medical and scientific
world.  Scientists and physicians everywhere began researching
tirelessly into this newfound science of cellular memory.  It wasn’t
until a team at UCal Berkley began categorizing these cellular marks that
the science took on a commercialized form.”
“Categorized?” inquired Jim.
    “Well through their
research, they discovered that these newfound cache memory cells possessed
different unique “markings” and structures.  Yet they found these
exact “markings” in separate individuals.   Dr. Hiro Mizaki of
the University of Tokyo was the first to theorize that these unique
markings found were basically specific memory depots for specific major
events within someone’s life.  Further research proved his theories
correct and advanced cellular technology allowed us to map out
circumstantial histories within the human body.  We were able to
identify when little Timmy’s dog died, or when Susie had her first kiss,
and so on. 
    “How could you tell exactly when
these events occurred?” asked Avera.
    “Well the cache
memory cells, now categorized, act like elements in sense that they have a
certain half-life feature to them.  They don’t decay physically like
the half-life of an element, but they do indicate a timeline of
sorts.  Kind of like a tree has tree rings.  By counting the
tree rings, you can tell how old that tree is.  So similarly we can
tell how old certain major memories are.  The cache memory cells are
permanent also, so it doesn’t matter how much time has passed
    “What about insignificant memories like
brushing your teeth or something?”
    “Well we’ve found
out that major life events “burn” in these memory cells much more
intensely.  Our capability to identify such inconsequential events
such as brushing your teeth when you were ten or tying your shoes six
months ago just isn’t there yet.  We’re not sure, even with the
advancement of technology and more precise instruments, that we’ll ever be
able to measure minor events like those.  We haven’t identified all
major events that could happened in one’s life, for the variables are
endless I suppose.  But things like “first times” stand out like a
sore thumb.  And one of the most identifiable events we’ve
categorized is the first time an individual has a sexual experience with
another person.  We can narrow it down to almost the exact hour of
occurrence nowadays, to the minute in some cases.”
“How did the government get involved?  Like how did this whole
Marriage Virginity Program come about?” asked Jim.
“Well back then the United States government was in a hole
financially.  The AIDS epidemic had reached an all time high in the
States as well as the transfer of STD’s.  And things like teenage
pregnancy weren’t going anywhere anytime soon either.  The government
was paying billions upon billions in programs for the treatment and
prevention of these diseases, not to mention Welfare.  Anyways, then
Secretary of Civil Health, Steve Bernheart was the first to think up some
program to implement the newfound memory cell discoveries and technology
into a government program.  This program eventually became what we
now know as the Marriage-Virginity Program and President Zeller first
signed it into existence back in 2018.  And in its six years of
existence, the government has seen a drastic decrease in all the
aforementioned civil health problems.  This made the government happy
because not only did the AIDS and STD recipients go down as well as
teenage pregnancy, but the national deficit was greatly reduced, and it’s
been falling more and more each year.  It the main reason Zeller was
re-elected for a second term.  It’s the most successful government
implemented civil program since FDR’s New Deal program.”
light seemed to go off in Jim’s head.
    “I see. 
By having the ability to test when a person first had a sexual experience,
the government was able to tell if someone had sex before marriage. 
And because most of those diseases are the result of sexual experiences
outside of marriage, they surmised that it wasn’t the sexual virgins
causing the problems.  So they rewarded those that waited till
marriage to have sex.”
    “You’re right Jim, but not
only to reward those that waited till marriage, but also to encourage the
younger generation to wait.  When you know the government will give
you a $50,000 check if you wait to have sex till marriage, you might be
more inclined to wait.  And it worked.  Not only were these
virginal couples receiving compensation for something we’ve known all
along to be emotionally beneficial, they were experiencing more fulfilling
marriages.  Ever since the program started, the divorce rate in
America has dropped 6%.  People are building better foundations for
they’re marital futures instead of basing them on sex.  The
statistics don’t lie.”
    “Dr. McCormick, how can these
tests be so definitive?  I mean how they can tell the difference
between having intercourse or just oral sex?  And what about sexual
experiences without anyone else?”
    “Well Mrs.
Williams, those are normal questions, but I assure you the medical
community has addressed them thoroughly as well as the government. 
Being that STD’s can be transmitted by both intercourse and oral sex, the
government doesn’t care which has been initiated.  If you’ve done
either, you’re eliminated from compensation consideration because the risk
is still there for both cases.  We’ve had a lot of clients come in
and claim they were virgins when they got married.  Unfortunately,
they’ve failed to realize the reality that oral sex is sex also, and
defined as loss of virginity, from a medical standpoint.  And I’d
personally say from an emotional standpoint also.  Even though the
government policy doesn’t delineate between intercourse and oral sex, we
still have the ability to categorize each with our testing.  That
specification isn’t needed though for Uncle Sam.  And again, the
cache memory cells leave distinct calling signs for each sexual experience
so we can easily separate singular sexual experiences from partner
experiences.  It’s a thoroughly empirical procedure I might say so
    “What about homosexual
    “To the surprise of many of his
Democratic opponents, as well as the general public, President Zeller did
include a provision for homosexual marriages.  Of course only a
handful of states officially recognize same-sex unions, but they do, under
the Marriage Virginity Act, have the same opportunity to the financial
compensation as heterosexual marriages.  It’s been the observation of
the Health and Safety Board though that the number of married homosexuals
that have taken advantage of this program is miniscule, if not zero. 
In fact I was just reading an article about it in their journal.”
McCormick fumbles around his desk opening drawers and overturning papers
looking for the article.
    “Ah here is it.  Yeah,
the Health and Safety Board has only 14 clients on file that have received
the compensation as opposed to the 4.8 million heterosexual
marriages.  “The disparity is mind-boggling,” says Health and Safety
Board direct Mike Stevenson.  This quote of his is interesting, “It’s
the conclusion of many physicians and psychologists within the Health and
Safety Board that the homosexual lifestyle is based on sexual encounters
and cannot exist outside them.  And that even the financial
motivation the government offers to remain virginal of sexual experience
can’t persuade otherwise.”  I know that amount of homosexual to
heterosexual marriages is much lower, but still, 14!?  And even those
cases were “specialty cases” from what this article says.  Of course
though for years, many civil rights groups have been lobbying against the
Marriage Virginity Program claiming it’s sexually biased towards
heterosexuals and that it’s giving away tax dollars that could be used for
AIDS and STD’s cure research.  But it seems to me the statistics
don’t lie.  I mean why try to fix a problem at its surface when you
can solve it at its source?  I fully advocate the MVP program and
that’s why I do this work, because I see it not only makes a difference in
the lives of individual couples, but in our society as a
    “I can see where people would think it’s an
unfair thing to reward those that stay virgins until marriage.  But
that just it, it’s just a bonus that they’ve earned.  It’s not like
the government punishes you or anything if you decide to have sex before
marriage.  You can still do whatever you want.”
“Exactly Mr. Williams, you see the same as the government.  It’s sort
of like how the government gives you a tax break when you have kids. 
You don’t have to have kids but if you do you’ll get a tax break, because
the government knows that kid of yours will probably grow up and get a
job.  That job in turn will help fuel the US economy.  So
they’re just basically rewarding you for making a positive contribution to
society.  Pretty simple really.  Have you two also heard about
the new program their starting for married couples?”
“Oh yeah, the one where the government pays you to stay married?” said
    “Well that’s basically how it works. 
Because the government pays a lot of money in all the divorce processes
that take place, legal fees and what have you, they’re banking on the
success of the MVP program and encouraging people to stay married by
offering financial compensation as well.  It’s an annual payment but
it compounds yearly also.  So the longer you stay married the more
money the government pays you.”
    “Sounds good. 
But Avera and I aren’t planning on separating anytime soon though. 
We did make a promise on that altar ya know.”
Jim looks at Avera
smiling and they kiss again.
    “But doctor, doesn’t
the government lose a lot of money on all these payouts they’re
    “It would seem so, but its not.  If
you only knew how much money the government was paying to fund programs
for the treatment, awareness, and prevention of AIDS, STD’s, and teenage
pregnancy, you’d realize how much money they’re saving now to encourage
people to remain abstinent.  Believe me; this program has saved them
hundreds of millions.  And the trend years ago wasn’t getting any
better, it was getting worse.  This program really saved President
Zeller’s Administration, as well as many other

    A beep sounded on Dr. McCormick’s
computer and he turned to address it.
    “Well you’re
results are in.  And because we both all already know the results
I’ll spare you the drama and just say that you’re check will be in the
mail soon.”
   Jim and Avera hugged each other.  They of
course already knew the results but to hear it officially was
comforting.  Both Jim and Avera had individually made a pact with
themselves when they were younger to remain pure until marriage.  The
fact that they were being financially rewarded for it now made the deal
even better.  The emotional, mental, and even sexual rewards were far
and away enough, but they were obviously glad to get $50,000 for it
    “Congratulations you two, I’m happy for
you.  You really don’t have to do anything else on this visit. 
I’ll have to fill out some paperwork later but all you have to do is sign
this paper and you’re free to go.”
    “Thank you so
much Dr. McCormick.”
Avera and Jim get up to shake Dr. McCormick’s
    “It’s my pleasure.  Believe me, it’s a
joy to deal with an honest couple.  There’s no secrets and there’s
nothing to hide.  Makes things go much easier.  I’m not a
marriage counselor you know, but I find myself referring couples to one
more often than I’d like.”

    Avera and Jim walk
out the office with smiles on their faces.  Avera fills out one last
form at the receptionist’s desk and the couple exits out the door. 
Once outside, and with no one around, they embrace in a passionate kiss
    “$50,000!  Can you believe that
    “It is a wonderful gift.  We’ve been
    “No, I’m the blessed one.”
Avera looks in his eyes like only a loved one could.  They embrace
once again.
   “So what are we going to do tonight?” asks
   Avera flirtatiously whispers into his ear, “Oh I
think you know hun.”
   He draws back a little.  Avera
looks at him sexily.  Jim manages a happy


  1. Swamee, you perplex me. Obviously something about this blog/ideal piques your interest (otherwise you wouldn’t both frequenting it and posting), yet you seem incapable, or at the very least unwilling, to engage in any meaningful dialogue regarding the specific content. You continue to post off-topic, slightly offensive material. What gives? I’m giving you a chance here. Please take it.

  2. Buddy,

    I am trying to help you out. I don't want to read about the 40 year old "volitional virgin".

    Check out this great article in the WSJ on the plight of your generation.

  3. The Parable of the 10 Virgins

    The parable is not written in praise of virginity,[4] and indeed Louis of Granada, in his The Sinner's Guide of 1555, writes "No one makes intercession with the Bridegroom for the five foolish virgins who, after despising the pleasures of the flesh and stifling in their hearts the fire of concupiscence, nay, after observing the great counsel of virginity, neglected the precept of humility and became inflated with pride on account of their virginity."[9]

    Any of this ring a bell?

  4. Swamee, I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at or possibly insinuating. If you're somehow under the impression that being a virgin is fun and exciting (it's not) or that I like dealing with the social stigma, sexual frustration, or general lonelinees then you're graving mistaken. I hate this state I'm in in many ways, but what you may be missing is that my motivation isn't based in personal gain (though there are practical benefits of course), but in a principle of purity and integrity that is absolute principle greater than myself and or any personal aspirations of self-gain I may have.

    You may also may have misunderstand my motivation for this blog, etc. It is most definitely not because I am soulfully discontent in my singlehood/virginity. I appreciate your desire to "help", but I am not seeking help to lose it.

    If I'm happily married at 40, praise the Lord.
    If I'm still a virgin at 40, praise the Lord.