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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Most Christians No Different From World; Apparently Bang a Lot

   What the hell?  8 out of 10 Christians between 18-29 have had pre-marital sex?!  I knew it was higher than what churches and Christian parents want to believe but 80%?  And let’s be honest, at least 10-15% of people in any social group typically have less than desirable qualities from a purely vain and carnal perspective so really you’re easily looking at less than 10% of, less than 1 and 10, Christians truly volitionally holding to their word and will and not conforming any longer to the pattern of this world?

Just very depressing, disheartening news...  Here you have a group of people that should know better than anyone else the imperative regarding this area of human experience and frankly they just can’t keep it in their pants like barely sentient Neanderthals.  Why try anymore?  Why fight for goodness?  Just seems like a losing battle when those that should be a bastion of hope, perseverance, and consistency end up dragging their same Savior’s name through the mud with stats like this.  Yeah I screw up big time all the time…and I’ve committed adultery in my heart too many times to count, but when it comes to volitionally and willfully living a higher standard out regarding the most sacred human experience we can act upon, well what crushing news this is…  This confirms there few else out there fighting the good fight anymore…and if they are, the scattered few are so few and far between – like desert roses - that it's almost a lost cause.  

Perhaps I’m being really judgmental and harsh here (I am...and it's 1234am), and to be honest I am emotionally upset at the moment, but geez…if Christians can’t even stay legit, what hope is there for a society already with hearts lost in nowhere?    But then again, who cares?  I mean contrary to what I thought growing up, having pre-marital sex does no seem to mess you up for the rest of your life.  In fact, apart from some STD’s and the occasional unplanned pregnancy inconveniences, most pre-marital sexers seemingly end up having perfectly fine, successful, and vibrant lives.  So what’s the big freaking deal?  Apparently ~90% of Christians aged 18-29 don’t think there’s one.  I mean people like Bristol Palin are seen as gulp…role models.   Purity rally's and promises are bogus.  Anyone can sign a worthless piece of paper in front of their youth group or put on a ring to make their parents smile.  They don’t mean anything when push comes to shove…when you’re faced with caving in to the pressure or spending Friday and Saturday nights at college alone with your thoughts…when you have to weather the constant social stigma of prudishness and abnormality….when you’re accused of homosexual tendencies cause you didn’t go up a girl’s skirt after prom…when everyone and their freaking mother assumes that you’re banging the girl your dating because who post like 22 years old doesn’t do that?  But no one writes these promises on their hearts anymore (or ever for all I know), akin to etching words into a stone block....sigh

Screw you pagan worldview, screw you Satan.

I’m weary…

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