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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Afraid of Speeding and Sex

Considering my enthusiasm for cars and driving, some of my friends can’t believe I’ve never broke 100 mph speed limit in my M3, or any car for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love speed; but going 20+ any posted speed limit scares the pants off of me.  Why?  I’m afraid I’ll get caught.  I know the chances of getting pulled over the one time I do it are slim, especially if done in a controlled manner and a road in which going that fast is safely feasible.  But I’m still too scared to do it.  I know the one time I do is the one time a police officer will be there, waiting and chomping at the bits to pull over a hot red sports sedan.
                The same could be said for my fear of having sex.  Of course there are a plethora of other reasons I’ve chosen not to have sex before marriage, but fear I must admit is a major contributing factor.  I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing (and I don’t want people to think it’s the only driving reason), but considering the so many negative potential practical consequences of having sex outside the calculated confines of marriage, it’s just never been a risk I’ve been willing to take.  Especially considering how relatively expeditious the act of sex is in itself.  One could never justify the extremely temporary carnal euphoria of copulation is worth the chance of contracting a venereal disease or creating a most assuredly unfortunate unplanned pregnancy, not to mention the host of emotional Pandora’s Boxes it would open.  As a relatively conservation person, especially in matters of sexuality, I’m incredulous so many people would take this risk.  I guarantee not one person, in their heart of hearts, would be able to say the “reward” of their sexual exploits outweighed the consequence of receiving one of the aforementioned maladies.  Not one.
                So I guess it begs the question as to why so many have taken, and continue to take, these chances.  Perhaps it’s just an exercise in understanding the nature of man.  We almost always inherently seek short-term pleasure in lieu of temperance be it sex, food, or a long list of other pleasures (not all inherently bad in and of itself mind you) this world has to offer.  Long term payoff, in the case of volitional abstinence, is just not appealing, or tangible, enough it seems.  But then again, when was anything worth fighting for quick and easy.  The “reward” of sexual abstinence surely isn’t.
                In the end, despite missing out on the thrill of going north of a 100 mph, it’s probably better for me to remain consistent in my ideology here.   I may not be the most exciting, thrill-driven, pleasure-seeker (and believe me, I love sex despite never having had it)…but perhaps that type of self-control is a good quality to have.  Here’s to all the others that persevere in their volition to forgo the easy access of unsanctioned sex.  Yeah it may not be as fun (it isn’t, and generally sucks), but at least there’s no chance you’ll get a immediate reckless driving citation and have your car impounded.

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